• Blinds

    “Sun is life.” ...

    In many cases, however, we must protect ourselves for reasons of comfort and safety from the sun. Our systems provide excellent protection, shade and privacy.
    Opaque substances e.g. Blackouts, ensure a good night's sleep, or offer
    adequate sun protection to the Bus, Train, Truck driver facilities. To install our blinds in as many as possible situations we offer a diverse range of standard roller blinds consisting of hook in blinds, ratchet blinds, self lock blinds, electrical blinds, scissors blinds, cable blinds and friction scissor blinds, just to name a few systems.
    Of course these systems can be customized on individual customer needs.
    Also, other fabric transparencies, our different fabrics and different built-in combination or variants, create individual solutions for rail vehicles, buses, trucks, cars, boats and cars and special vehicles. Our blinds are distinguished by their simple and comfortable operations, are durable and easy to maintain.


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